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Life Assurance

Life as we all know has many unforeseen events, some of them can be fortuitous, some of them to our detriment. When we speak of holistic financial planning, we seek to address all outcomes. That is why any watertight financial plan includes Life Assurance. At Stanluer Financial Services, we draw upon a wealth of professional expertise, to do holistic financial planning, to secure our clients financial wellbeing. Through tried and tested methods we seek to provide peace of mind to our customers.

If you wish to ensure your family’s financial independence, secure your hard-earned wealth or provide for unforeseen circumstances, Stanleur Financial Services will apply our professional and compassionate knowledge, and help you walk the road to financial independence.

Saving For Your Retirement

Retirement may seem like a phase in your life that is tomorrow’s problem, especially if you are under 30 or even 40. Investing in your future is a decision that is never too late to make, but where do you begin? At Stanleur we provide step by step assistance and professional advice, so that you can take control of your financial future and enjoy your hard earned retirement.

Disability Income Insurance

In today’s modern society we have seen unprecedented advances in technology, with no signs of slowing down. This is also true in the medical technology field; advances in medicine have created a situation when you are 40 times more likely to become temporarily disabled than permanently disabled. At Stanleur we take great care in our financial planning, taking many factors into account, to provide you with the water tight financial plan, so that you are not left financially destitute in the case of any unforeseen event.

Income Strategies At Retirement

You have spent your whole life working and have saved your hard earned money for your golden years. However, once you retire, everything you have experienced about managing your own financed is turned on its head. You no longer earn as much or any money from work, and this is where Stanleur can assist you with your new objective. We provide sound financial strategies to provide you with a steady, predictable income throughout your retirement.


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