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Stanleur’s service offering differs from that of our competitors based on the following key factors.


Our team of  financial advisors are ready to provide you with the best possible advice.

Quick And Easy

Matching and signing you up to the ideal solution is a quick and easy process.

Award Winning

Our products have won numerous accolades on the highest national levels.

Personal Financial Advice

We have a variety of products specially selected to offer you personal peace of mind by insuring you and your family’s future financial well being.


Stanleur For Businesses

Being a business owner is hard work, managing its future financial health shouldn’t be.



Our Process

Our process was designed to make finding you an ideal financial solution quick and easy. In just 6 simple steps you can insure your financial future will be prosperous and care free.

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A recipe for retirement success.

A recipe for retirement success. You won’t stop growing as an individual in retirement, so your money needs to continue growing as well. Retirement today means living your best life, and in-depth interviews with 82 retired South Africans in their 60s, 70s and 80s have...

Confident Investing at Retirement.

Confident investing at retirement. Market volatility can pose a significant risk for investors just before or just after retirement. Investing at retirement can be challenging. You want to allow your retirement savings pot to continue to grow in real terms in order to...

Saving R150 per month.

R150: Six Cappuccinos or a year off your home loan? If you have R150 in your bank account once all your fixed monthly expenses have been paid, you may feel it is just too little to make a dent in your debts or contribute to long-term saving goals, so you spend it....

Challenging Market Conditions

Challenging market conditions – what’s the best course of action? We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s time in the market – and not timing the market – that counts.” But what does this mean in practical terms and how does timing the market affect your investments? Human...

Finding The Right Financial Planner

Finding the right financial planner for your needs. Obtaining quality professional financial advice is a crucial part of achieving your financial and life goals. And with many big decisions – like where to invest, and which products are right for your needs – it is...

Your First Pay Cheque – What Now

Your first pay cheque - What now? Starting a career means newfound independence, which brings with it all the ups and downs of adulthood: the ability to stand on your own two feet and the inevitable financial responsibilities of doing so. To start your career on the...

Preparing For The Birth Of Your First Child

Planning to become a Mom? Here’s something to think about. With the spotlight on Mother’s Day this month, expectant moms and those planning a family may have started visualising their future bundle of joy. The cuddles, the giggles, and those cute tiny clothes. A new...

Our Team


Stanleur is comprised of a group of dynamic individuals trained to advise on all facets of financial planning.

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